As you may be aware an alliance  of your colleagues have allocated significant time & resources into fighting the new Rules, part they are doing so on your behalf as they have heard great concerns from within the  profession of the impacts and unintended consequences – that the public’s interest are not being represented under the new rules.


Well it’s action time…

The Real Estate of Alliance has made its formal submission to the OSRE, followed up by writing all members of government & the opposition.  The submission is well researched & based on the results of over 1000 consumers responses to an independent survey conducted by Insights West.  Based on the results, the alliance is taking the position, that it is incumbent on Government to stop the new Rule changes.


This alliance was created, based on a grass roots movement of REALTORS(r) and Managing Brokers who care, and who wish to protect consumer’s interests.  We believe that collectively we can make a difference, but we need your support.  We have officially launched the alliances website: .   We are asking every REALTOR(r), admin staff and consumers join the alliance, asap.  There is no cost to do so, but the more members we can gather the stronger the voice, which will be imperative in moving forward next week on the media releases.  In addition to signing up please consider supporting the work being done by putting it out in your social media and marketing to your clients making them aware of the work being done on their behalf  and affording them an opportunity to have a voice.  Joining is easy you can do so on the main page of the site, and it takes less than 2 minutes to join.


I thank you in advance for your commitment & showing your support as we advocate on behalf of the public and our profession!




Ian Mackay & Ian Thompson

Founding Members & Chief Spokespersons of the Real Estate Alliance of BC


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